Star Trek: New Frontiers


Episode 4: It's 2265. The USS Enterprise is currently on a mapping mission when they come across a strange object.
This is a totally new reality. One where things are similar and yet different from the Prime Universe? A Place where just because it happened before does not mean its destined to happen again?
Star Trek: The New Frontiers is an Alternate Universe to Star Trek. Here we are creating our own classic adventures and building towards a either a brighter future or a darker one.
We know that the Enterprise was sent out to explore where no human had gone before...but if you stop and think about it for a moment, isn’t that an odd take one of the finest ships in the fleet, give it to the newest captain in the Federation, and tell them to just go drive around and see what they can find?
It’s peculiar...until you allow for the possibility that they were looking for something specific...something they had to keep a secret even from the rest of the Federation.
What did Starfleet stumble upon that could have a profound effect on human history?

Open Positions:

Chief Flight Control Officer
Chief Navigation Officer
Chief Operations Officer
and more

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