Rise of Souls

Jcink Premium - AU Soul Eater

Rise of Souls - Jcink Premium - AU Soul Eater

Welcome to Rise of Souls! The events here take place roughly a decade after the events in the manga / anime series. Chaos has ensued and the Witches Realm as well as Death City were destroyed and are being rebuilt.

However, a new war is about to begin. Would you stand with Lady Death and fight to return the world to what it once was? Join the Kishin in spreading madness to the world? Or will you join with the Grand One to crush what little resistance remains? Meisters, Witches, Weapons, Kishin, Sorcerers, and Monsters, the choices that you make will shape and perhaps reshape the world as it now exists.

Welcome to the Madness...

Welcome to Rise of Souls.

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