Dinosaur Country

Own your own Dinosaur in this alternative history Wild West RP with simple, writer-friendly game mechanics and combat!

Looks like you’ve reached the last stop train headed West!
Well, we suggest you swing by the saloon and kick up your feet, but if you’re headed to the next town, you better get to work. Best start by finding a scaly beastie. You’re going to need a couple of two-ton friends on your hitching post if you want to cut it out here, in Dinosaur Country.

Dinosaur Country is set in an alternate old-west, where cowboys ride dinosaurs, a plague is sweeping the Eastern seaboard, and a transcontinental railroad is being built through magnificent western landscapes.

We feature:
  • A quick application, so you can jump in and start to plot!
  • Hand-painted art & clean board skin
  • Community-driven progression, unlock new locations with activity!
  • Writer-friendly game mechanics & combat
  • AU historical setting inclusive to diversity (Race, Gender, Sexuality, ect)
  • Enthusiasm for unique characters and action-packed narrative!
  • Riding around on dinosaurs and wearing cowboys hats.

We'd love to have you on board! See you in Dinosaur Country!

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